WhateverFest 9

Gallery, Ballroom

September 14, 2019 12:00 pm - September 15, 2019 3:00 am Gallery, Ballroom

WhateverFest Detroit is an annual local music festival that features some of the best up and coming talent in the Detroit Music Scene along with some amazing talent from outside the city and even the state! We are back at Tangent! This will be the 3rd year at Tangent Gallery and we plan on giving you a few surprises this year so watch out!

We know that this years WhateverFest was supposed to be a free event but with the rain date and location change, there were extra expenses that we were not prepared for.. the money spent on a wrist band will go towards the bands and people helping with the fest as well as some of next years expenses..
WhateverFest 9 will be $10 at the door. Stayed tuned for early bird specials and giveaways!

As every year, we will have live artist showcasing their talent as well as many vendors on site. We have a bunch of new WhateverFest merch for you so be ready! There is a full bar at Tangent Gallery for those 21+

12p: Gilad Grinot
130: Mezz
230: Strange Heart
330: The Band MINT
530: Spacecadet
630: Radar Gold (Indianapolis, IN)
730: Cye Pie X Ya Homies
830: Discipline
1030: Louis Picasso & The Gallery
1130: The Philter
1230a+: Tammy Lakkis / James Keith / Virgo Knights

2: Andrew Maslowsky/Alex Webb
3: Lazy Lane
4: Tangle Parade
5: Violet Sol
6: Alluvial Fans
7: WuZee
8: Radattack (Columbus, OH)
9: Spaceband
10: Torus Eyes
11: LXL
12: MotorKam
1245a: Problematicblackhottie / Shaun Alan & Mr. Drew

1230p: Jill Govan
115: Just Guys Being Dudes
2: Panda House
245: V. Soul
330: Glass Chimera
415: TROUT
5: Asklepius
545: Dan Amboy/Jemmi Hazeman
630: BAVE
715: Characteristics
8: E Baby
845: Bad Fashion
930: Image Over Being