Moon’s Carnival of Mischief

Gallery, Ballroom

February 2, 2019 8:00 pm - February 3, 2019 2:00 am Gallery, Ballroom

Come one, come all! 🎪 Witness the spectacular spectacle of raw energy that is Moon’s Carnival of Mischief!

On this night, 20+ strange and incredible souls will gather here together, for the first of many of these carnivals. Come and see their hearts on the line, as they play, perform, and show off their creations. There will be poets, dancers, fire performances, musicians, taxidermists, an Oracle, the tattooed lady tattoo artist, a juggler, tarot readers, a palmist, flow artists, clowns and many other freaks in the show!! Let your freak flag fly and come get down and dirty with the best of em

with musical performances by:

– A Day at the Sation
– Neenuh
– DeVante’ Jackson
– Novara
– King Milo Scarcetti
– Kyoji
– saajtak

Creations for sale by:

– Courtney Hoelscher
– Alannah Lowman
– Stevie Timmreck
– Brea Harris
– Ashley Henry
– Kyla Rose
– Nikkie Moon

Other spectacles:

– tarot readings by Shanell Woods
– palm reading by Malissa Moon
– live paintings by Stevie Timmreck
– live charcoal art by Joseph Cameron
– fire performances by Orion Aegis
– oracles read by Mama Moon
– community canvas by the watchdog Danielle Ashley
– Reiki, Thai massage & chakra alignment by Samantha Encarnation

photos and videos by:

– Fritz Foto
– Kyla Rose
– Bagels

come dressed to impress:
$10 normies
$5 freaks