Booking Application

Do you have an idea for an event you think would be perfect for us?

We’d love to hear from you.

Please keep in mind a number of things before reaching out:

  • We are not an Event Hall.
  • We are looking for experienced event producers with a proven track record as well as newer producers with vision that inspires us.
  • We do not book bands personally. If you are a band looking to play here, please reach out to individual (applicable) events on facebook.
  • We are a LEGIT venue/bar. Our events are 21+. If you only have experience with BYOB parties, please don’t apply. If you worry you’ll lose most of your crowd for a 21+ show, please don’t apply. If you mostly work on fronts and bullshit…. Please for the love of god… don’t apply.

Alright, if you’ve made it this far without being offended we’d like to talk to you. Pricing depends on a number of factors and requirements of your event. For a quote, please fill out the form below (desktop recommended):

4 Sentences in 20 Seconds
If we book your date, this will be your default event description on the website
share images for the event header, logos, or previous flyers
Either option includes outside area. Base rate is for a 5 hour time slot from door to close. The entire day is available for setup before the show.