NYE Weekend 2017

There’s no doubt, 2017 has been a rough one for a lot of us. We’re inundated by endless rabbit holes of rage on all sides. The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, and we’re along for the ride. But, it has been my experience that the worst years make for the best new years celebrations. It is an opportunity to shuck all that shit off and get ready for something better. Here at Tangent, we danced, tranced, and nonsensed all the muck out as we prepared for a beautiful year to come.

I want to give a big shout out to the crew at intergalactic art movement who threw Psyonara. They donated their time, energy, and resources into decking out the place for the entire weekend, not just their show. They brought in Christopher Vanderessen (Fluorodream) from New York to install an incredible UV dreamcatcher web throughout the entire ballroom. He started on his project Friday, continued to work on it until Psyonara on Saturday, and joined us for new years on Sunday. The whole Psyonara setup rolled over to our Nonsense New Years celebration. Their work really transformed the weekend, and we deeply appreciate them.

Friday, we hosted Frank Raines’ Funk Night for the best dance party we’ve seen all season. The place was packed with movers, groovers. and some of the most talented dancers of Detroit.

A lot of new faces showed up to see Tangent magic at work. The music was fantastic all night and everyone had a great time! We hope to see the whole crew back a few more times in 2018.


Saturday night, Intergalactic Art Movement took the Tangent to a whole other dimension. The celebration of higher consciousness started early with a UV acro yoga workshop, sound purification cermony, and guided meditation. The Mind Body healing ended with a Beautiful ceremony led by Emily Infinity

The night was filled with incredible performers and djs the brought the psy vibes.

The line up included a very special set by Dixon’s Violin. One of my personal favorites in the many times I have seen him. He spent a solid 3/4th of the time in complete improvisation mode. It was a very special moment for those involved. He wrote on the Event page afterward: “I so enjoyed being part of this! Thank you Brian Lee and the Intergalactic Art Movement for putting this show together and helping support the Tangent Gallery (I love this space!)”

Other performers included Jesse Fox (ARYATH), Teddybear Hunter (Psytech) Tetra (Live psytronica), Pandora Love (Progressive), Psyslim (Goa), Hardkornate (Psytrance), Garuda (Darkpsy)

The decor was tied together by  Fluorodream’s UV Dreamcatcher, Intergalactic Art Movement funky style, and the interactive art of Astral Matter. The entire place looked fantastic and we want to thank them again for doing such a big part in making the whole weekend look fantastic here!

Thank you to Earth Candence Photography

Nonsense Eve 2017

Nonsense Eve: End of the past helped us ring in the new year with absurdity. It was the Tangent Family Reunion we all wanted to have as we called it an end to the shitshow of 2017. A great crowd came out and celebrated with us and nobody took any fucking pictures. Cie la Vie, the memories of those who joined us will have to do.