The Dizzy Dames put on one HELL of a show

Some of our favorites in the Burlesque community came together to support The Tangent by performing for a packed ballroom crowd on a sexy Saturday night in “The Shirts Off Our Backs.”

There was all the hootin and hollering a Dizzy Dame could ask for. Graciously organized by The lovely lushes lamoan and amazing chloe bowie, the night was a raging and hardfast success!

Some of you may know that The Tangent has been host to some incredible burlesque performances over the years. We have many of Detroit’s most talented teasers who call the place their home. When they heard that Tangent had some major expenses on the horizon, they banded together to host a benefit for the us. The lineup was nothing short of breathtaking!

The evening started with the macabre gypsy rock 5 piece Là Bas, a horror-themed ensemble drawing on diverse folk storytelling and musical traditions from all over the world. Joined by lushes as a surprise opener, they were a perfect start to the festivities. They ended with a rousing chant of Cold, wet & dirty yer lookin mighty purdy, a loving ballad for necrophilia. Joshua Danforth, the leader of the ensemble, would be our MC for the rest of the evening.

The Ladies dazzled and teased us leaving us begging for more. If only our ballroom stage could talk… it’d have quite a bit to say about these dames. If there’s any question that you missed a beautiful night, Ed Ballotts has given us photographic proof.

The show ended with a titillating performance from Theatre Bizzare starlet and world famous performer Roxi D’lite. She mesmerized us with waves of flowing gown in an incredibly sexy finale. As to be expected, she lead the crowd in a hearty hail zombo after sharing a bit about what The Tangent has meant to her over the years.

We appreciate all the work of Chloe and Lushes in organizing this amazing night, The performers that gave us the shirts off their backs, as well as all the people that came out to support us and see boobies. We can’t thank you enough!